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Clinton Fish And Game Protective Association

185 Lancaster RD Berlin, MA 01503

Next Monthly Meeting:   June 20, 2017 @ 7:30 pm.   The recurring meeting date was changed at the last monthly meeting to the 3rd Tuesday of the Month.


Pepper Spray defense class

Would you like to learn more on how to protect yourself with Pepper Spray?

Christine and Vince Alfano will holding a class on June 29th 6pm to 9pm at the Clinton Fish and Game 185 Lancaster RD Berlin MA. The cost for the class is $10 per person and will go to the benefit of the club. If you would like to attend please send an email to

A pepper spray self defense class designed to show people how to use Pepper Spray/ OC for personal protection.

This class is for individuals who would prefer not to carry a firearm or those who carry a firearm to provide a non lethal response to violent encounters. The class will show the actual effects live of pepper spray on instructors and volunteers. The class is 2 hours and will cover a wide variety of situations and responses.

Pepper spray is one of the most widely used nonlethal self-defense and crowd control agents in the world. Officially known as Oleoresin Capsicum spray, it’s precisely what it appears to be – an extremely concentrated extract of capsaicin, the active ingredient in peppers.

When sprayed at a person, it causes a strong reaction that almost always incapacitates them, without causing long-lasting damage or ill effects. Pepper spray is also much less strictly regulated than guns or tasers. This is why it’s so widespread in both law enforcement practice and for self-defense by private citizens.

Pepper spray does, however, require training to use effectively. An unskilled user may end up causing harm to people or animals, or even spraying themselves.

  • Understanding when and when not to dispense pepper spray
  • Effective non-lethal techniques
  • Liability issues to consider
  • Pro-Active considerations
  • Required documentation preparation
  • Tactical positions
  • Handling aggressive situations
  • Chemical make up
  • Post first aid
  • Proper carrying, storage and care of canisters 
  • MA law on purchase and carry of pepper spray
  • Use of force laws and definitions


The Clinton Fish & Game Protective Association was organized in October 1919 and is one of the oldest sportsmen clubs in Worcester County, MA. The club was originally formed to give Clinton area sportsmen a place to meet and discuss matters concerning hunting and fishing and to help implement ways of protecting their sport and the areas used by members and area sportsmen. Land was leased on Wattaquadock Hill Road (at the site of the Fyfeshire Dam conservation area) in Bolton, MA and a clubhouse was built.

During the early years of the Club members raised funds for stocking trout and other game fish, along with stocking areas with pheasant and rabbit. These were put into areas where both members and non-members had access to them. The club was incorporated on November 9, 1933 and has since been known as the Clinton Fish & Game Protective Association, Incorporated. The original charter members were longtime Clinton residents – Herbert Smith, Frank F. Melanson, Harold F. Trott, Henry J. Colombo, Edward E. Vattes, Carl H. Struntz, Albert E. Dickson, and William J. Schobert. Through the years many respected citizens have been members of the club and have given of their time to further the purpose of the corporation, which is “To protect our mutual interest, to promote good will and true sportsmanship and further the cause of conservation”.

The club remained at its Bolton location until 1944 when it purchased land on Lancaster Road in Berlin, MA, thus enabling it to expand and offer more recreation and activities to its members and the public. Many of Clinton’s political, civic and fraternal organizations have used the club grounds for their activities since 1944.

Between 1944 and the late 50’s some accomplishments of the club include

  • Getting the state to stock fish in Lancaster Mill Pond
  • Aligning the start of the Wachusett Reservoir fishing season with the statewide season, which is in April
  • Having honorary game wardens appointed to help enforce the state Fish and Game laws.

In 1958 the Club purchased the former Clinton eighth grade portable school from the Town of Clinton; the building was located on Mechanic Street at the site of the (then) new police station. The building was disassembled and moved, and used to expand the clubhouse to its present size. During the expansion an indoor (four bay) 50 foot rifle (.22 rim fire) and pistol range was built for use by members. It has also been used for training in the safe use and handling of firearms by area Boy Scout troops and the Marine Corp. Junior Drill Team. The range and club facilities are also used by the Club for instruction and training courses taught by National Rifle Association (NRA) certified instructors (who are also club members).

The Club actively supports the original purpose of the club and has added legislative and political activities to its efforts, which will protect and guarantee the right to keep and bear arms and to protect the right of every law abiding sportsman to pursue his or her sport. The club maintains affiliation with state and national organizations with the same purpose as ours, such as National Rifle Association, Gun Owners Action League, Mass. Council of Sportsmen Clubs, Worcester County League of Sportsmen Clubs, Mass State Rifle Pistol Association, and also maintains constant contact with many conservation groups.

The Clinton Fish and Game Protective Association believes, as did the founders of our great country in 1776, that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” and is dedicated to maintaining the rights enumerated to us in the second amendment of the Constitution.

Excerpted from a letter (dated January 28, 1976) from Francis (Frank) Turini (then president of the Clinton Fish and Game) and sent to William (Bill) Coulter of the Bicentennial Book Committee (Clinton, MA). Includes added detail and rewording. Adapted by Dave Notaro.